“Tom Visser of Circle V Earthworks was recommended to me by a friend to work on my lane which is two tenths of a mile long and has not been touched in many years. Tom completely regraded the lane, applied a heavy coat of crush and run then compacted it all. He also removed several trees along the lane, an earthen berm that had been holding water after it rained and Tom dug ditches along the lane to insure proper drainage. He also placed a pipe under the lane where for years there had been standing water. I am 100 percent satisfied with the work performed by Circle V Earthworks and would be happy to recommend Tom’s services. Tom went above and beyond my expectations, all at a reasonable cost.”

–  Greg Sucher, Blackwater, VA

I am so happy that I found these guys. I was flipping through a magazine, and came across their ad. The ad stated that they were accomplished in excavating and pond work, exactly what I needed. A few days later I contacted Tom Visser Engineer and  owner of Circle V Earthworks. He and I agreed to meet and discuss our ideas. And much to my surprise I only had ideas. Tom, however, had a vision. A vision that would come to fruition in a week or less. Because Tom and his son Reuben have a work ethic that is endless. And I was amazed that at the end of each day everything that had been accomplished. It was like Christmas each day.  I could hardly wait for the surprise. The entrance to the farm is beautiful, my pond is retaining water (and we even have ducks). So as the old saying goes “its not a job if you love what you do,” and you can tell by the quality of their work, they love what they do, So thank you Tom and Reuben for making our dreams come true.” Their word is their Honor.”

– Sincerely, Jeff and Tina Cupp 

“Just wanted to take a minute to thank you and your sons for doing such a great job constructing our new pond. We couldn’t be more pleased with the finished product. Now we are anxiously waiting for it to fill. Thank you again, and thanks for bringing a new level of workmanship and professionalism to the north east Tennessee / southwest Virginia area.”

– Steve Lovoi, VA

“The land you cleared will do nicely for the intended purpose and we look forward to working with you on future plans for our Lee County property. As you know, we intend to build a home there and will be in need of your services.  It was a pleasure meeting you and your sons. Thank you for a job well done. ”

– Danny Felts

“You and your boys have been a great help with this project and I greatly appreciate all you have done.”

– Marie M.

“I am writing this note as a letter of recommendation for Tom Visser and his family-crew for their work building my pond in Lee county Virginia. I do not believe I can make it brief and describe the behind the scenes work that it took to complete the project and as these details will make a difference when you choose a contractor to build your lake or pond, it would be important to read the full note.

For those of you who drove past my attempts to bulldoze my own pond, you will remember it being stuck in the mud for months at a time.  Multiple neighbors suggested Tom Visser might dig me out with his excavator, which he kindly did—twice.  On the second rescue, he suggested he could build the pond should I desire.  All of the neighbors who attempted to get me un-stuck gave Tom glowing comments about being an honest and a good man. He gave me what I felt was a good price and I contracted him to proceed. After checking with Virginia authorities regarding restrictions and permits, we began.

He gave me exacting and intelligent details and specifications—pages of them—as to location, slope, drainage and inflow for the pond. He mapped out the drainage area that would supply clean fresh spring water to the pond. Because of the sophistication of his work, I asked him in jest if he was an engineer. He is. I soon realized digging a pond is not just digging a hole in the ground. His advice and education became apparent quickly. I discussed several concerns for the pond including the location of an old river bed in the proposed pond site. He dug several holes to insure compaction was sufficient to maintain the pond integrity. We also knew there were drainage tiles in the area. I did not realize there were 6 different types of tiles, including old wooden oak tiling. This later plagued us as he had to mitigate and remove some of these non-working lines. He created a drive-to island in the center of the lake which gives the pond a horseshoe appearance, as well as three redundant overflow spillways and lines to prevent wash out and flooding. I did not have him create waterfalls or oxygenators or etc. I will place tires and trees and etc. for fish protection as I stock it.  He dressed the area then seeded it exactly as I requested. He completed the work before the estimated timeline.  After completion, one more tile opened and drained the pond and I repaired this myself, but I now have a beautiful horseshoe lake to be stocked with bass, redear and bluegill.

Tom and his entire family are good people you will enjoy and call friends. You can expect quality and you will get it. Wishing you well and hoping you enjoy your pond as much as I enjoy mine.”

 – Jason H Brazee MD