About Us

Visser Family

Circle V Harvesting Co. was established in 2004 to develop and run mechanical equipment in Florida. Operations then expanded into farming in Tennessee and Virginia. In recent years another branch, Earthworks was added. This Company is a family-owned and operated and nestled in the beautiful Tennessee Smokey Mountains. As time went by and demanding work paid off, the family grew, and the operation expanded. Each of the maturing children, who made a vital contribution, helped diversify it by adding the various branches of operation.

We make our contribution helping  to protect and repair the environment.

Circle V Earthworks Team:

  • Tom Visser, B.Sc.  Eng., CQMC
  • Reuben Visser, Heavy Equipment Operator, Safety Officer, CQMC


  • Richardt Visser, Mechanic & Heavy Equipment Operator
  • Riaan Visser, Mechanic & Heavy Equipment Operator

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