About Us

About Us

Circle V Harvesting Co. was established in 2004 in Florida as an orange harvesting company. Since its foundation it has expanded into construction activities. Our construction business serves the US Government exclusively. This company is family-owned and operated and nestled in the beautiful Tennessee Smokey Mountains.  Our advantage is the fact that we are a small, family owned & operated entity with a wide array of experiences. We serve states east of the W100° longitude.

The slogan, Integrity, Efficiency, Innovation is a lifestyle within the company.

  • Integrity inspires us to maintain a high moral code of conduct.
  • Efficiency helps us to cut cost, deliver a superior product while consuming less resources.
  • Innovation directs the way to find new and more efficient ways of achieving goals.

We willingly and eagerly desire to contribute to the restoration and protection of the environment of this beautiful country.

Circle V Earthworks Team:

  • Tom Visser (pres.) B.Sc. Eng. Agric UP SA, CQMC
  • Richardt Visser, Safety Officer, Site Sup, Quality Control, Operator
  • Erenst Visser, Safety officer, Operator